Creating is for everyone. It’s so true!

img_1251 My name is Annita Phagoo Nichol and I started Remade by Meebs 4 years ago, an adventure focusing on using clothes and other found fabric and re-making them into one of a kind aprons to sell at markets. With encouragement and support of family & friends and inspired by entrepreneurs like Candace Boudreau, curator of Curated, I’m taking my first steps on a new path in this journey. The Remade Upcycle Sewing Event launches Nov 10th for 4 days. Over the course of this time I will be testing my rhetoric and putting my money where my mouth is! I’m lucky enough to be from a family of makers and grew up in a “just try it” environment. I’m convinced that anyone can sew and this fall, I hope to recreate the optimistic and supported environment of my past to bring people together and see what they can do. Upcycling trash fabric is an inexpensive and ethical opportunity to express creativity and have fun while actively contributing to the future of our environment. Textile recycling is happening in our city, but an estimated 6 million of pounds of textiles still went into Calgary landfill last year. With this volume of unwanted material the pressure is off, from my perspective, for attempting any and all upcycle projects. It’s our obligation to be more creative in this waste. Over the course of the Remade weekend participants will be upcycling with purpose, creating aprons for a local non-profit; having fun with fashion during our refashionista swap & chop; and making kids wear and aprons from adult clothing. Participants are encouraged to bring items they no longer use and see if we can give them new life. This is a shared learning environment with participants of all sewing skill levels attending. My mom is coming, so we’re all set! Something new, even for me, is the craft activism session where we’ll collaborate, share and craft around the first bra experiences of young women through the generations. Inspired by some challenging conversations this summer with my 12 year old niece and her mother, my sister, about the portrayal of female sexuality I am compelled to create a space for women to discuss this very thing. Is it, or should it be, a reality that my sister should encourage her young daughter to dress on the conservative side so as not to draw unwelcome attention? If that’s the case, then why is it that when bra shopping for that very same young girl, finding anything but an overly sexualized push up bra is impossible? What are the conflicting messages about our sexuality that we receive daily as women and how do we navigate them so as not to lose sense of true ownership of our decisions and who we are? So… let’s craft on it and see what comes up! Together the group will create bras and form our statement. All will be displayed during the Remade event and we’ll discuss how we can keep the conversation going with our bra bombing. More information on sessions and tickets for the Remade Upcycle Sewing Event are available here. Creating is for everyone. It’s so true! Be bold friends.


I know, I know… Change? What? Why?

Well, let me start by saying how much I loved the Vixens of Vintage market brand. I put my heart and soul into those markets and really felt that, with the help of A LOT of wonderful people (customers/ vendors/ volunteers/ family/ friends), we created something really special. There was a real sense of community and spirit at Vixens markets and that is what drove me to put my new vision into action. I have always wanted to create an experience for both the creatives and the market-goers. Something…BIGGER and Curated. is exactly that: an all-encompassing experience. My ultimate vision coming to fruition. This rebrand is for all of YOU!

Curated. is a handmade market, first and foremost. One with a broad array of creatives and, yes, still including vintage-inspired artisans. Curated. will still have the same sense of community and spirit and will maintain the foundation on which its predecessor’s success was built. Growth and change are inevitable and a beautiful part of life. The more well-known Vixens became, the more applications I received from talented creatives that fell outside of the “vintage-inspired” umbrella. I wanted to incorporate something for EVERYONE. Bigger. Better.

Curated. is also an EXPERIENCE. A vision of maker and market-goer collaborating and creating TOGETHER……How exciting!!! A full day of workshops with different makers that is all about choice. The market-goer chooses from a series workshops that they would like to participate in. Workshop days are full of food, happy vibes, and, of course, CREATING! The workshop experiences will take place during the month leading up to each market. Participants will graduate the workshop day with products that they have designed/created themselves and skills that they learned. Memories made that will not be soon forgotten!

The Curated. experience will also include cool pop-up shops at local boutiques in between market dates. The idea behind these pop-up shops is to give future market-goers an idea of what is to come at the upcoming Curated. event. A way to support businesses both in the community plus added exposer for our talented handmade artisans. Curated. is an EXPERIENCE and not just another “craft show”!

And now, the pièce de ré·sis·tance: Lemonade Stand by Curated. My exposure to the handmade community allowed me to converse with a HUGE network of creatives. In speaking with many of these creatives, I learned that their own children are budding entrepreneurs!! When I heard about this, my mind was completely blown: I was learning about very young creatives who were starting their own businesses! I felt a strong urge to mentor and encourage! I was inspired in a way that words fail to explain. I asked myself: What could I do to help young people launch and further their businesses? Lemonade Stand by Curated. was born. A dedicated area within the Curated. market where young makers (under the age of 17) can dip their toes into the market world at no cost to them! Lemonade Stand by Curated. excites me beyond imagination and I cannot wait to see where this all goes!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and coming along as we create a sustainable market experience for all! Whether you are a maker or a market-goer, Curated. is an experience that you will not ever want to miss, I can promise you that!

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